By connecting a piece in our virtual puzzle, you will sponsor a child in the BGCF Summer Brain Gain program, to help kids in need address learning loss and emotional wellness issues resulting from isolation and forced remote learning due to the pandemic.

The district superintendent, principals, and teachers in our community have expressed deep concern about the number of students who have fallen behind this year. There will not be enough district personnel available for all the students in need of academic enrichment this summer due to increased demand, continued concerns about Covid safety, and fatigue after a year of distance learning. As a trusted community-based organization that already has experience operating on school sites and within Covid safety guidelines, BGCF is a natural partner to fill the need for expanded summer learning programs. We anticipate at least 80% of the students referred to our program this summer will be in need of financial assistance in order to attend.

Connect a child to our summer program. Be a piece of their puzzle so they can catch up academically, find the emotional support they need, interact with their peers, and get back to running, playing, and hoping.

$125 – Sponsor a child for one week in our summer “Brain Gain” program
$250 – Sponsor a child for two weeks in our summer “Brain Gain” program
$500 – Sponsor a child for one month in our summer “Brain Gain” program
$1200 – Sponsor a child for the entire nine week summer session
$4800 – Sponsor a child at each site for the entire nine week summer session

When you purchase a puzzle piece, you become a “connector” in the life of a child, setting them on a pathway to success.

Who are the connectors in your life?

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