Health & Safety is Our Priority

All CDC and LA County Public Health Department requirements and recommendations will be followed, including but not limited to:

  • Small group size
  • Mandatory masks for staff and members
  • Health/temperature checks
  • Hand washing/sanitizing
  • Regular cleaning schedules
  • Activities that utilize social distancing

Social Distancing Expectations

We expect all members to abide by CDC social distancing regulations. All pod stations are set up so that members have their own designated space distanced 6ft or more from other members. Staff have designed programs and activities to promote 6ft separation.

Drop-off / Pick-up

  1. Drive up to designated drop-off area.
  2. Temperature check and CDC wellness check will be administered before the child leaves the car.
  3. Staff will direct students inside, to their group.
  4. Pick-up: Drive up. Staff will walkie and direct students to the pick up area.
  5. Students will sanitize hands when leaving the building.

Mask Requirement

Please note, all members are required to wear a mask. The club will provide masks in an emergency to members as needed, but it will be the responsibility of each parent to provide a face mask for their children for the school year. If your child is medically exempt from wearing a mask, parents must provide documentation in writing.

APPROVED masks must be a minimum of two layers of cotton material or a standard “surgical” mask. Gaiters and bandanas are NOT allowed. Masks with “one-way” valves are not allowed. If your child can blow out a candle that is 10-12 inches away with their mask on, it is not sufficient for use at BGCF.


Students need to bring their own computer/tablet, charging cord, and earphones with built-in microphone. We are recommending sound reduction earphones, but they are not required. They should also bring everything needed for school that day, such as textbooks, notebooks, and completed assignments.

Water + Lunch + Snack

BGCF will be providing lunch and afternoon snack to those students who need it. If you want to send food with your child, everything must be packed in disposable containers and in a clear plastic bag. We will not refrigerate food or warm food at the Club. Outside food may NOT be delivered to the Club.

Water bottles are recommended, water stations will be available for staff to refill members’ water bottles. Drinking fountains will not be in use

Hand Washing / Sanitizing

Upon arrival to the Club and prior to eating, members will wash their hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds). Hand sanitizer is used when necessary.

High Fives / Hugs / Handshakes

We have enacted a no-handshaking/high fives/no-hugging policy, in order to reduce skin-to-skin contact and/or close contact.

Program Areas / Surfaces

Staff will disinfect program areas and surfaces routinely throughout the day.


All restrooms are closely monitored to ensure hand soap is always available. One student will be allowed in the restroom at a time.

COVID-19 Procedures

  1. It is the responsibility of the staff, student and parents of students to communicate with Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills any information related to COVID-19 exposure, possible exposure, or symptoms.
  2. Staff or students who may have had close contact (less than 6 feet away for more than 15 min) with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 should isolate themselves for 14 days and get tested. If the test comes back negative they can return to the program within the 14 days as long as they are not sick.
    • While staff or students are waiting on test results they need to isolate until they receive them.
    • If staff and/or students are living with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19 and are within the 14 day isolation, they need to be tested and will have to isolate until the 14 day isolation period is over. If the person that tested positive is isolating in a separate location and there is no contact with the staff or student, we can evaluate if they can return sooner.
    • Any area that had a staff or student that had symptoms needs to be disinfected before use again.
  3. If a positive COVID-19 test comes back (staff or student attending), then we will notify via email staff and the pod the student and/or staff member is in for a possible exposure. We will then determine the severity of the exposure and possibly send the pod home for 14 days to self isolate and get tested. If negative tests are coming back within the pod, we can reevaluate if the pod can come back before the 14 days.
  4. If a student or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19, the staff/student should go home and isolate for 14 days and get tested. Students will be put in the “safe room” and parents called immediately for pick up. The staff member and/or student should isolate for 14 days and get tested. If the test comes back negative, they can return to the program within the 14 days as long as they are not sick.