Health & Life Skills

BGCF provides programs that help young people nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, and transition successfully into adults.


Our Skills Mastery and Resistance Training program addresses problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity.


This offshoot of the SMART Moves program focuses on the specific challenges that girls age 8 to 17 face. We emphasize health, fitness, prevention, education, and self-esteem.


BGCF provides educational programming for children ages 6 to 8, helping them to avoid risky behaviors and situations.

Passport to Manhood

Boys ages 11 to 14 benefit from this 14-week series. Passport to Manhood engages them in discussions and activities that reinforce character, leadership, responsibility, and positive behavior.

Positive Sprouts

The Club hosts activities that are geared toward combating the growing obesity crisis. Participants play a role in our community garden, where we highlight healthy eating and nutrition.

Healthy Habits

Designed to incorporate healthy living and active learning in every part of the Club experience, Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being.

Join as a member of BGCF to take part in our health and life skills programs.